Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What is CeMAP?

The CeMAP qualification is set by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) and is accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA) and administered by the Institute of Financial Services (ifs). Once qualified, you can use the initials CeMAP after your name on your business cards and on any other stationery.

Ok so far? So, the CeMAP qualification is the seed from which a new career as a mortgage adviser is developed. At the time CeMAP was first introduced, back in the late 1990s, I was the Sales Development Director of the large brokerage mentioned earlier. Imagine the task! Over 2,500 independent mortgage brokers to be trained and guided through CeMAP. This was my first introduction to CeMAP Training and such a mammoth task as training 2,500 brokers required a logical, methodical solution. In brief, I developed a CeMAP distance learning solution which, when combined with classroom style training, gave us the desired results with maximum efficiency.

CeMAP training is still a significant part of our overall task in the development cycle of new mortgage brokers and we continue to provide a combination of classroom training and distance learning materials to achieve success in this important early stage. Our distance learning materials employ online video, computer-based revision texts and over 2,500 exam questions built-in to our unique self-developed software package.

What does CeMAP cover?

The CeMAP qualification comprises three separate modules, as follows:

· CeMAP 1 - UK Financial Regulation

· CeMAP 2 - Mortgages

· CeMAP 3 - Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge

We cover these three modules in 2 x 5-day courses, the first of which prepares you fully for CeMAP 1, while the second prepares you for CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3. In a later article, I will go into more detail about the topics included within each of the three modules.


If you are considering a career as a mortgage broker, whether employed or self-employed, whether tied or independent, whether part-time or full-time, be sure to take advice from someone who has already made the journey with many others.

When you've done that, we can tell you all about Phase 2, which deals with how to achieve Competent Advisor Status.

By the way, when doing your research, be sure to watch out for the sharks! I'll happily give you some ideas on what to look out for.

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