Thursday, 1 September 2011

CeMAP Training and Rising House Prices

CeMAP students are concerned because, according to the Nationwide Building Society, house prices have risen again in April by 0.9% compared with the March level. CeMAP students are asking if there is likely to be a crash, and how this may affect their career prospects. This two-part question needs greater exploration.

Firstly, it is good to know that CeMAP students are following the housing market closely because this is obviously going to be their future career environment. It is vital that, in addition to studying for the CeMAP exams, the students do spend time looking at the bigger picture so that they can gain a well rounded education in the industry. Incidentally, this is another reason why a CeMAP training Home Study course can provide a more informed mortgage adviser than the so called crash courses - by studying their CeMAP training material over a period of weeks rather than days the student can use the knowledge gained each step of the way to explore the industry in general and apply their new found insight to the real world.

In the bulletin released by the Nationwide, they say that a crash is unlikely so long as the Bank of England does not raise interest rates unnecessarily. Of course, no one outside of the Monetary Policy Committee can influence the decision (as those who are CeMAP trained know from their studies), but the job of this committee is to keep inflation within the target set by the Chancellor so anything is possible. The economic conditions are very different from the time of the previous house price crash in the 1970s and so hopefully, this time, there will be a control of house prices without the sudden deflation that was seen then.

If there is a crash, will the CeMAP trained adviser still be able to find employment? Obviously, this is a difficult question without being able to use a crystal ball. In the real world, even when house prices are unstable, there always seems to be a high demand for advice on mortgage matters and finance in general. Some believe that a fall in house prices may lead to more first time buyers coming back into the market because they can then afford to buy again. Certainly, CeMAP training is a preparation for a career that appears to weather a variety of economic circumstances better than most.

One thing that is certain is that people will always be buying houses, re-mortgaging houses, and selling houses, and while these activities are going on, there will always be a need for CeMAP trained mortgage advisers. And with the best CeMAP training, you will have a well rounded knowledge of the industry, not just a certificate that says that you have passed an exam. This is what most customers want from their advisers, not just the bare minimum of a CeMAP qualification, but someone who has been through a comprehensive CeMAP training course and monitored the industry while studying.

So, in conclusion, it is difficult to say for certain whether or not there will be a house price crash if the Monetary Policy Committee continue to increase interest rates, but it is certain that the MPC do not want to cause a crash. However, whatever the outcome in the housing market, it is safe to assume that CeMAP training will continue to open the door to a professional career that provides many opportunities in the job market. To find out more about CeMAP training click the link.

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